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Get Involved

Our members enjoy a variety of services and programs. Thanks to support within the community, we are able to provide our members with transportation, friendly visits,  technology assistance, errands and more.

If you would like to assist us in providing our services and start making a difference in our community, then volunteer with us today!

We are always looking for volunteers to lead an exercise class or to lead a reading group, or to facilitate a conversation in an area of interest.


Folks at Home is helping to create the networks and opportunities that are a part of a healthy community, a community that is created by all of our members.

Call us and start making a difference in our community today!

Work with Us

An integral function of Folks at Home is to coordinate access to affordable, quality services. Our goal is to connect community members in need of services with those offering services.

Folks at Home helps match local service providers (Vendors) with people who are in need of services.


Vendors interested in rendering services for a fee are encouraged to contact us.


Vendor referrals help members find local services from our growing list of vetted vendors.

Our vendor services include:

  • Housekeeping

  • Home Help with activities of daily living

  • Emergency/Fall Alert Systems

  • Lawn Service-mowing, raking, and removal of pet waste

  • Tree Trimming and Care

  • Gardening-weeding, planting, clean-up, etc.

  • Handypersons for Home Repair

  • Home Adaptation

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Window Washing

  • And many more….

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